HYBRID Cover Band always has a new sound to explore, a new verse to test and a new method of approach in marrying these influences harmoniously. HYBRID ventures out of the zone and yet still gives a taste of the familiar (with some new twists and turns along the way of course!)

All members have been Rocking the Cover scene and know how to give the crowd what they want​“A Non StopParty.”​


Explosive energy from 3 lead singers with 3 part harmonies, this band delivers a high octane, fun filled polished performance, seamless seg ways, unique renditions, mash-ups and medelys from 80s to todays most popular artists. HITs and only hits, cross over hits & their own original renditions makes HYBRID interesting, Unique & FUN!!!

HYBRID cover band takes you by surprise yet delivers your favorite songs.  Some classic hits done modern pop, a soft ballad done modern rock... a Great Rock song exactly like the record, your favorite POP tunes as you hear them on the radio,  or that LOVE song that makes you cry!! You never know how they are going to Stir it up!​


2 parts Party & Modern Rock, 1 part top 40 pop, a smidge of country and a sprinkle of Classic Rock, crossed overed, medlied and Mashed. A HYBRID of the most famous sounds from the 80s to Now!

From Madonna to Maroon 5, Lady Ga Ga to Guns n Roses, Journey to Green Day, Bon Jovi to Britney, Lopez to Minaj, PiNK to Lauper, Jackson to Jett, 80s party rock medleys, 90s alternative smash ups, & todays pop & modern Rock!! ​ 

A HYBRID of All the most famous songs from  the 80s to today!!​ 

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